Ram Medical Health To Launch RMH token, Its Use Cases & Airdrop Contest

The healthcare industry is facing many challenges while using the existing technology that is insufficient to improve the healthcare system. Healthcare organizations must adopt Safe, secure and efficient healthcare measures to provide better patient services.

After the disastrous period of Covid19, it is high time that healthcare organizations must adopt an advanced significant technological upgrade. To ensure the safety of patients, the renowned organization Ram Medical Health (RMH) offers solutions to remarkably improve patient care, outcomes and quality of life.

Ram Medical Health is excited to announce its plans to launch a utility-based cryptocurrency with a dynamic ecosystem run by a DAO. The RMH token will be put to work on behalf of patients, hospitals, and clinics to make things cheaper, faster, and more efficient, all while remaining HIPAA compliant.

RMH to issue Utility Tokens which may be used as digital coupons, which can be redeemed for a reduction in fees or provide users access to healthcare, health and wellness DAPPS which may consist of medical records, data sharing, podcasts, healthcare advocacy applications, etc. RMH is a medical community utility-driven project run by the RMH Utility Token DAO

The smart contract of RMH Utility Token. a.k.a; RMH has already been deployed and audited by BitControl as of June 2, 2022.

The RMH pre-sale round will start on September 1 2022, with the project set to be released in October 2022. To celebrate the upcoming launch, RMH holds an airdrop contest with prizes for the top participants.

Ram Medical Health ecosystem has a total supply of five hundred billion tokens. Five billion of these tokens have been allocated for the airdrop contest. RMH is currently offering a free RMH Airdrop as well as other benefits. Please examine the contest link for more information on how to win FREE tokens before they hit the market.

Beyond the RMS Token ecosystem

The leader in the Industry: Considering the existing background, we are in contract discussions with global healthcare leaders on improving the technology to make a vast positive difference. Our experience with blockchain technology sets us apart from the rest.

Employee Health: We are motivated to lead by setting an example with our ecosystem. Even Employee health is a great beginning in reducing healthcare costs. Instead of doughnuts, we offer dollars as the RMH token.

System Improvement: Healthcare consists of morbidity, mortality, complications, length of hospital stay and readmissions. We plan to improve each of the five variables, thus the whole. Change one for the better, and change healthcare.

Access to Data: Being HIPAA-compliant and focusing on the upcoming Cures Act regulations must be met by the end of December 2023, as it is a federal mandate. We’ll help make the transition smooth and easy for the patients and providers.

Quality of Life: The core mission is to improve the patient’s quality of life with a focus on improving the care system on a personal level so that the patient can gain wellness as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Wedge Tokenomics & Cost


Ticker: $RMH

Chain: BNBChain

Seed Sale Price: 0.000005 RMH

Private Sale Price: 0.000015 RMH

Public Sale Price: 0.00002 RMH

Listing Price: 0.000025 RMH

Total Supply: 500.000.000.000 RMH

If you do well, we do well. We have been in this together from Day One.

Media Contact:

Brand: Ram Medical Health

Contact: Dr Steven Snodgrass M.D., F.A.C.S.

E-mail: ramithealth@gmail.com

Website: https://rmhtoken.com/

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