Wedge Finance Announces To Launch WEDGE token Sale Campaign in September


Aug 29, 2022, Wedge Finance is a decentralized blockchain platform that serves as a marketplace using WEDGE Token and is all set to launch its token sale round.

Crypto investors consider cryptocurrencies as trusted and valuable assets, but only a few digital assets make up for investors’ expectations. Only those cryptocurrencies get popular, with a better utility backed by a huge community.

A new crypto startup, Wedge Finance, is transforming the status quo by developing better incentives than using fiat currency to purchase entities. The startup encourages investors to trade with its token by providing cash rewards commonly known as “rebates.”

This newly introduced “Rebate” is a reward system for buying commodities using the ecosystem token, stimulating people to spend more and increasing the company’s profit. The entire process will increase the profit margin of the startup, which will also bridge the discrepancies.

The core concept of Wedge Finance token smart contract

Wedge Finance token smart contract presented a fairly new conception of reward and multi-purpose reflection, directly influencing each transfer’s or accumulated transfer’s outcome. Wedge Finance embraces a special strategy to maximize the token revenues for all partakers of Wedge Finance holders. The core features are as follows:

  • Reflection, Reward and Fee
  • Interaction with Liquidity Pool
  • Wedge Finance Ecosystem
  • Wedge Finance Bank
  • Wedge Finance Marketplace Platform

Advantages of Wedge Finance Ecosystem

The core mission is to build an economic ecosystem that advances the benefits of holding cryptocurrency. The network bridges the metaverse and universe while fueling our finance ecosystem, which has the following features:

1.Wedge Finance Rebate: The holder gets 1% of tokens back into their wallet whenever they transfer tokens to another wallet.

2.Grow token assets: A share of transaction volume to be distributed to every WEDGE Finance token holder.

3.Burning Mechanism: Another share of transaction volume will be burnt to boost WEDGE Finance token value.

4.Optimized Gas Fee: BNBChain-based smart contact is optimized and results in transactions at lower gas cost.

Wedge Tokenomics & Cost:

Name: Wedge Finance Token

Ticker: $WEDGE

Chain: BNBChain

Seed sale Price: 0.00001$ / WEDGE

Private Sale Price: 0.000025$ / WEDGE

Public Sale Price: 0.00005$ / WEDGE

Listing Price: 0.0001$ / WEDGE

More Benefits for Holders:

Wedge Finance token holders can earn reflections if they hold the token, as there are no gas fees or stakes incurred in the process. The holders can earn more tokens whenever the transaction volume increases on the blockchain, which is encouraged by the cash reward system. The more tokens the holder owns, the more tokens s/he earns, and the interests are reflected in your wallet in real time.

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