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By using our services, you agree to our terms of service (Terms). Our services allow you to submit and store press release content. Please follow our editorial guidelines when submitting content through our services. Please read our guidelines carefully.

Quality Content

All PRWireNow press releases should:

Follow proper press release format.

Avoid language that’s aggressive, exaggerated, or invades privacy.

Ensure accuracy and exclude defamatory content. Clearly distinguish opinions and attribute statements correctly. Reference factual news sources. Attribute information to authorized sources like court documents. Refrain from content that intends to harm or take revenge on an individual or group. Avoid language that is threatening, abusive, offensive, or intimidating. Not contain content that instigates fear or panic, such as predictions of terrorist attacks or the end of the world. Not include content that intends to harm or take revenge on an individual or group by promoting bigotry, racism, violence, personal attacks, stock manipulation, or stalking.+

PRWireNow reviews press releases for news value, accuracy, and proper format. Adhering to these guidelines can expedite the approval and distribution of your press release.

Press releases must have a timely, relevant angle and avoid advertising language, direct appeals, and spam. They should also possess the following characteristics:

  1. Newsworthy content: PRWireNow accepts news announcements that are timely, informative and relevant to a new product or service, business expansion, recent event, organizational milestone, or expert opinion on a topic in the news. The headline should clearly state the news announcement.
  2. Objective tone: Press releases on PRWireNow should avoid hype flags and direct address unless used in a quotation from a spokesperson. Hype flags include exclamation points, hyperbolic product/service claims, and uppercase characters for emphasis. Direct address suggests an advertisement rather than a news release.
  3. Legally accurate: All press releases referencing legal action or criminal matters should provide sufficient documentation, such as a case number, court of record, or complaint number.
  4. Financial topics/Cryptocurrency: Any financial-related topics, including cryptocurrency and NFT, must provide full transparency for verification, including contact information and postal address on the website(s) and/or social media pages.
  5. Valid contact information: PRWireNow press releases must include a valid contact name, phone number, and email address in the contact information.
  6. Written authorization: Written authorization may be required in certain cases, such as with network marketing companies, the use of a stock ticker symbol, or major corporate announcements related to M&A. Independent representatives of network marketing companies, MLM or party plan companies must obtain the express consent of the company’s executive.
  7. Standard length: PRWireNow press releases should be between 300 and 800 words to optimize distribution. Releases that are too short or too long may have trouble being indexed in search engines.
  8. Standard grammar and spelling: PRWireNow press releases should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Industry jargon should be defined for the average person’s understanding.
  9. Formatting: Press releases cannot contain HTML tags, non-standard characters, tables, or forced line breaks. They also should not be written in all capital letters. Links in the release should be fully functional.
  10. Clear news source: PRWireNow requires a clear news source to be identified in the headline. The source is the company or organization issuing the release. If distributed on behalf of a client, the source would be the client’s company or organization’s name.
  11. Email addresses: PRWireNow recommends avoiding email addresses within the body of the press release. If included, the editorial team will modify the email address format.
  12. Accepted file types: PRWireNow only accepts releases containing images with the following extensions: .jpeg, .gif, .png.

Excluded Content

  1. Advertising: Press releases must be newsworthy and not primarily aimed at selling a product or service. Releases that are solely advertisements will be denied publication.
  2. Explicit Content: We do not accept press releases that contain sexually explicit material, illegal material, or profane language. All 18-and-older websites are considered sexually explicit.
  3. Link Limits: Please limit your links to 1 per 100 words to protect the value of links in a press release and the PRWireNOW network.
  4. Reprints: Press releases cannot include copyrighted news or feature images, articles, opinion columns, or editorials from other websites or publications.
  5. Duplicate Content: Press releases can only be distributed once through PRWireNOW, and the majority of each release must be original content. Templated content is not permitted.
  6. Third-Party Legal Releases: We only accept press releases from law firms representing one of the parties in the case.
  7. Harmful Content: We do not distribute content intended to harm or exact revenge upon an individual or group.
  8. Authorization: For certain cases such as network marketing companies, a stock ticker symbol, or major corporate announcements, PRWireNow may require written authorization from a company executive.
  9. Ticker Symbols: While we encourage the use of authorized ticker symbols, proper authorization from the source company is required for each one used.
  10. Prohibited Content: We do not publish releases that promote or link to online gambling, payday or short-term loans, guns, tobacco, weight loss products, health supplements, sexual enhancement products, easy money schemes, or blackhat SEO tactics.
  11. Stock Recommendations: We do not accept releases promoting stock picks, newsletters, alerts, recommendations, advice, or reviews.
  12. Virus-Free Content: We do not accept releases containing viruses, scripts, programs, web pages, or any code that destroys or alters computer systems.

Legal News Guidelines

PRWireNow guidelines for legal and political press releases:

  • Fair comments about public figures are acceptable, as long as they don’t constitute libel.
  • Organizations can express opinions or official positions on current events, but they must be quoted and properly attributed.
  • PRWireNow doesn’t allow press releases announcing intentions to sue individuals or groups.
  • Libelous content is prohibited, which includes false implications of criminal activity, mental incapacity, immoral behavior, or disease.
  • Events surrounding legal cases must be attributed to court documents, and interpretations are not allowed until a case is decided.

Thank You