JindoChain Announces the Launch of Airdrop Competition Ahead of Token Sale Campaign

JindoChain Announces Airdrop Competition Network Press Release on PRWireNow

Looking at the future-oriented solutions like WEB3 and Metaverse Games in the world of Blockchain, JindoChain makes an entry to integrate it with our products.

The JindoChain network is built on consensus Proof-Of-Stake with a focus on the community as it is a target-driven system to achieve goals in several steps, from the smallest to the largest, which results in work stability and efficiency. JindoChain integrates companies, employees, and business assets through a unified blockchain ecosystem through its products to make the products incredibly efficient, transparent, and reliable. The existing solutions focus on one problem at a time. JindoChain offers multiple solutions for and to the entire blockchain.

JindoChain aims to build a secure, useful, and easy-to-use product based on a private blockchain foundation, which will include an integrated digital payment system along with a digital arbitration system.

JindoChain network products are based on the latest technologies and infrastructure, including Web3, privacy, and virtual gaming, with a motive to expand at a global level to achieve our mission to combine the blockchain products into one ecosystem. JindoChain provides tools to investors as well as products that can allow them to take actions simply, quickly, safely, and cheaply.

JindoChain is announcing its airdrop competition through the simple steps below, and the participants will have an opportunity to collect tokens from a pool of 800,000 wJCC. The details are as follows:

Rules Airdrop Competition

1.Open to all, anyone can participate.

2.Maximum one NFT per wallet

3.BNB per wallet as minimum purchase

4.Complete the assigned tasks. 

5.Collect points as much as possible

6.Stay connected to the community channels.

Winner & Airdrop Schedule: 

1.The winner will be selected randomly

2.NFT will be distributed 2 weeks after launch.

3.The tokens will be airdropped as per vesting schedule as follows

  • 25% – Date: 15.10.2022
  • 25% – Date: 31.10.2022
  • 50% – Date: 30.11.2022

Airdrop Competition Link:

The Token of JindoChain ecosystem: 

The native token of Jindochain will be $wJCC, a new wrapped version of the coin which is secure and can be traded, used to receive rewards for holding and get returns paid in BUSD. The Wrapped JindoChain token will have a tax system on buying and selling, and the taxed amount will be shared among holders in BUSD as rewards in their wallet. The minted token to have a sufficient supply for all new investors, and to take care to maintain a large volume.

Token Details

1.Contract Address: 0xB3A87d4a6d1a495df469132D184E1BEA9ef3Bb44

2.Total Supply: 21,000,000

3.Token Name: wJindoChainCoin

4.Symbol: wJCC

5.Chain: BNB Chain (BEP-20)

6.Launchpad: Pinksale 

Pre-sale Schedule:

1.Start pre-sale : 05.10.2022  15:00 UTC 

2.Finish pre-sale: 08.10.2022  15:00 UTC  

JindoChainl strives to educate, implement, familiarize, and enable the use of cryptocurrencies as a fast, stable, and cheap means of payment in every aspect of life. Adoption by banks, financial institutions, small and larger companies, ending with large corporations, is in the really near future. 

Media Contact: 

1.Website : https://JindoChain.com

2.Whitepaper: https://jindochain.gitbook.io/jindochain/

3.Official JindoChain channels:

  • https://t.me/jindochain
  • https://t.me/jindochainchannel
  • https://t.me/jindopromo

4.Official socials media:

  • Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/jindochain
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jindochain_official
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4fCoTyxzgLnvWgAc954YDg

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