Series A Success: InfinityStakeChain Raises $12 Million, Led by BinanceLabs, Unveiling Innovative Multi-Chain Staking Solutions

InfinityStakeChain is making waves in the world of decentralized staking platforms with its innovative approach to digital asset management. Launched in September 2023, this platform stands apart with its unique offerings — an optimized interest rate staking pool, a fast decentralized swap functionality, and a multi-chain staking feature currently compatible with Ethereum and BNB Chain.

The platform quickly built trust among its users, amassing a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $50 million within a fortnight of its inception — a testament to the platform’s potential and commitment to security and high performance. Moreover, InfinityStakeChain provides a unique opportunity for users to stake their assets across multiple blockchains, thus broadening their earning potential and diversifying their investment portfolio.

Adopting an exclusive, invitation-only model, InfinityStakeChain ensures a secure and private environment for its users. Only individuals with an invitation code have the privilege to invest, thus maintaining a regulated environment for all its participants. With substantial financial backing recently secured, the platform is poised for further growth. These funds will support InfinityStakeChain’s mission to enhance its technology, broaden its user base, and continue to offer a secure and fruitful experience.

As InfinityStakeChain forges ahead with its groundbreaking staking solutions, it promises to bring innovative features and a firm commitment to user satisfaction — setting a new standard for the future of decentralized staking platforms.

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Company Name: InfinityStakeChain
Contact Person: Nicholas Swan
City: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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