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  • Article on is a leading business and financial news platform in Indonesia. Launched in 2018, it is a subsidiary of CNBC International, a global leader in business news and analysis. The platform provides in-depth coverage of the Indonesian economy, financial markets, and business landscape, as well as news and analysis from around the world. covers a wide range of topics, including stocks, currencies, commodities, and macroeconomic trends. The platform offers a mix of original reporting, expert commentary, and data-driven analysis, making it a valuable resource for investors, business leaders, and policymakers.

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  • CNNIndonesia article by PRWireNow

    Article on is a leading news organization in Indonesia that provides comprehensive coverage of local and international news. The platform was launched in 2014 and is the Indonesian affiliate of CNN International, which is part of the Turner Broadcasting System, a subsidiary of Warner Media. covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and culture. The platform provides in-depth analysis and expert commentary on current events and breaking news stories. The website features a clean and easy-to-use interface, with articles organized by category and topic. Users can also access live streams of CNN Indonesia’s television programming and watch video highlights of news stories.

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