Kulfi Finance Launch $KLS Tokens Pre Seed Sale, How The Protocol Will Lead Basho Era of Cardano

Fixed Rate protocol Kulfi finance will spearhead Cardano’s new era (Basho). Kulfi finance has launched Kulfi token Pre Seed Sale on Kulfi Tokens Sale Page leading its entry into the next major milestone, advanced decentralized finances (DeFi). Anyone can participate in Kulfi Finance Pre Seed Sale at a discount price of 200 KLS for 1 ADA.

Kulfi Staking platform is set to be released after the pre seed sale event as to enable KLS token holders to Stake KLS tokens and earn rewards.

Kulfi Finance Objectives

Kulfi finance has the objective of becoming a disrupting element in the lending and borrowing economy. Kulfi will have features that will enable users to lend, borrow and provide liquidity while providing developers with financial tools to build on Kulfi ecosystem. 

Kulfi follows Cardano’s principles of decentralization and enhances user’s ability to make choices by providing them with a convenient way to manage their portfolio. The Kulfi protocol offer further benefits for user holding KLS token (Kulfi Native token).

Kulfi Token (KLS) Utilities

  • Proposing and evaluating upgrades to the protocol
  • Access Grant for Kulfi Borrowers
  • Onboarding new collateral types
  • Transaction fees within Kulfi Ecosystem can be paid using $KLS
  • KLS holders earns a percentage of fee paid within the Kulfi Ecosystem
  • Loan repayment can be done using $KLS

As cryptocurrency assets continue to be developed, investors are looking for undervalued assets with the potential to surge in value in the long run. Kulfi finance (KLS), a fixed rate protocol on the cardano blockchain. With the digital asset currently on a roll, it may be the most valuable Pre seed round in the crypto market.

Kulfi Brings More Power To Cardano’s Community

After the deployment of cardano Proof-of-Stake blockchain in 2020, Cardano has undergone three major updates “Mary”, “Allegra” and “Alonzo”. Thus, it has successfully lay the ground for the implementation of the Vasil Upgrade. Kulfi finance leverages Cardano’s newest features, native and token locking, with Kulfi tokens (KLS) offers users a way to obtain rewards, save money, and chose different payment methods. KLS tokens Equals to ADA in terms of security with the capacity to make fast and cost-efficient transactions.

Participate in KLS Token Pre Seed Sale

Kulfi Token is currently on Pre Seed Round for early buyers, This is the first and limited opportunity for the public to gain exclusive early access to purchase Kulfi token at 1 ADA for 200 KLS token.

Join the Kulfi (KLS) token pre seed sale at discount price- https://kulfifinance.io/buy

What Next For Kulfi Finance

Kulfi finance has a clear and concise roadmap. After the Pre seed token sale, Kulfi finance will officially launch Kulfi staking platform so as to enable KLS holders to stake their KLS tokens and earn rewards, KLS token holders will be whitelisted for Kulfi NFT pre sale. Both milestones will be achieved by Q3 and Q4 2021 respectively. One of the prominent usecase of Kulfi NFT is that users can boost Staking rewards with Kulfi NFT.

Learn More on Kulfi Finance:
Join KLS Pre Seed: https://kulfifinance.io/buy
Website: https://kulfifinance.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kulfi_finance
Telegram Community : https://t.me/kulfifinance
Discord Community: https://discord.gg/fzsa8ynF97
Litepaper: https://kulfi.gitbook.io/kulfi-finance-3/
Blog: https://medium.com/@Kulfi_finance 

Kulfi Finance Media Contact:
Company: Kulfi Foundation
Contact Name: Jordan Max
E-mail: Contact@kulfifinance.io
Location: United Kingdom

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