Press release distribution has undergone significant changes over the past few years, largely due to the increasing reliance on digital channels and the evolving needs of businesses and media outlets. Here are some ways in which press release distribution options have changed:

Step 1:

Create and upload your press releases. You can use them whenever you want within a year of purchase.

Step 2:

Get your releases reviewed by our editorial team, which takes approximately an hour during Monday-Friday from 8 AM GMT (3 AM EST) to 2 AM GMT (9 PM EST) and six hours on weekends and overnight. If your release is not scheduled, it will be distributed immediately. If it is scheduled, it will be distributed at the date, time, and time zone you choose, in accordance with our editorial guidelines.

Step 3:

Access your distribution report within 2 hours, which will be available on your dashboard and sent to your email. You can refer to our sample report for reference.