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Getting started with Distribution of Press Release with PRwireNow is very simple process and all you have to create an account with PRWireNow. Please make sure, you activate your account by clicking the activation link from the first mail in your inbox.

Once activated, you can buy a package as per your need. If you want to opt the press release distribution reseller, please check this page for additional information.
We charge just $35 for a Press Release distribution with a minimum of 500 guaranteed article inclusion in 400 media websites.

If you are an agency, you can signup for a reseller package, for additional details, you can go through this page.
One of the principal benefits of using PRNewsWire to distribute your Press Release article for minimum coverage across 400+ targeted news sites which increases the chances of more people reading your article.

Another huge advantage of using PRNewsWire is the wide coverage your Press Release gets as compared to our competitors. For just $35 you get a highly cost effective Press Release distribution service with maximum ROI. The incomparable features of high value coverage across the widest range of media platforms are unique only to PRNewsWire. We help you reach across demographics, geographies, and cultures. 

Our distribution method ensures that your article reaches to Bing & Google News to CBS, Fox, ABC, CW, NBC affiliated broadcasting websites and other premium media publications. Press release copy will be sent for syndication with a distribution channel which is subscribed by millions of journalists, corporate decision makers, brokers, market makers, etc as well as media outlets such as Bloomberg, Digital Journal, Business Week, Individual and many more.
Yes, we do. If you don’t have a Press Release ready, NO worries!.

We have experienced professionals to write the best release for you at an affordable price of just $35.
We are better than many service providers in the industry as we have the quality distribution services as mentioned below:
1./ We distribute your press release to 400 and more media
2./ The pricing we hav, that’s lowest in the industry.
3./ Fastest turnaround time
4./ Managed PR distribution
5,/ Save more with Reseller package
6./ PR Writing, article that journalists prefer

We also share the live links report where the links on the news websites, along with Google title search while our coopetitors show you the Google title search results, not all the published links. 

The Approval Process

Post your submission of article, our team will review the content to make sure if the draft meets our editorial requirements. If it doesn’t meet, you will be notified through email or account on PRWireNow. Our team will also inform your about possible changes in the draft.

We keep updating about the draft submission and its status which you can access through your account at If everything looks fine, we start distribution with a few hours to 500+ media publications.
Our media partners and networks trust us as we maintain content quality and extract press release article format they need. We review all PR submissions to check for mistakes and other issues so that you don’t look unprofessional.
No. Since the publication of press releases is at the discretion of each site, PRWireNow cannot guarantee coverage on particular sites. However, we will endeavor to publish on as many high quality sites as your package will allow.
We guarantee live published on 400+ newspaper, radio, and TV news websites, along with inclusions on hundreds of blogs as well as social media platforms.

Please click on this link to view our sample report.
Your press release article will remain live and active on 400+ media sites for at least one year or forever, however many sites like MarketWatch follow their own content removal policies which allows them to achieve the content in 1-3 months.


There is no obligation of using other services if you want to join our distribution services. Still we would like that you must try our services before you use others as our distribution network is wide and cost is lowest in the industry.
We provide a downloadable PDF Report for each press release submitted. Also, you track Press Release data from your dashboard with the list of media sites it’s distributed, and the entire press release reach you got, along with the demographic location of your readers.
Yes. PRWireNow believes in affordability for all. We are a quality news distribution site to ensure the content matches the standard and industry reviews. Our press releases are optimized for SEO and search, with each component having social network sharing tags to assist with audience measurement and engagement.

You will be notified via mail whenever your press release passes our editorial process.
Media partners worldwide trust us as we maintain a better level of quality of content and format. We review all PR submissions to check for mistakes and other issues so that you don’t look unprofessional.
Yes. You will receive a detailed press release report with live links on 400+ newspaper, radio, and TV media publication websites along with inclusions on blogs and social media platforms.

To view a sample report and the list of news websites where we publish our clients’ Press Releases,


We accept PayPal & Cryptocurrencies.
When choosing the professional packages, we can translate your news from English to Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew and German. All translations are conducted by professionals who are native speakers of the language you choose.
We have written a complete guide on how to write a press release, in order you to do so efficiently.
Yes. We have a comprised an editorial policy explaining the guidelines of how content should be written, and what our publishing partners accept to feature on their website.
Creating backlinks from authority news media websites will improve your search engine rankings as well as increases the online visibility and traffic that will promote your business.
In the past we offered free trial of press release distribution and everything went well but as of now the offer is closed. You will have to buy a single Press Release distribution package of $35 to test our services out.


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