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Since 2017, social media and online channels have become the primary source of information for 1 billion Chinese consumers. In this Asian country, the media has a strong influence and a powerful distribution network.

Key features

Key Benefits of PR Distribution


White Label Reports

White Label Reports don’t have PRWIreNow name or any of our branding. Your press release will appear under only your name!

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Top-Tier media

Article Placement in 500+ media outlets including Sina, QQ, Sohu, Ifeng, China, 163, hc360 and more publications. The news will also be pushed to baiidu.

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Lowest Pricing

Considering the features, our distribution can beat any network in the world. It’s the lowest cost for the chinese press distribution industry.

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Fastest Turnaround

Press Release gets distributed within 24 hours and mostly, it gets done within 4-6 hours which includes content writing, distribution and reporting.

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PRWireNow makes you look at things from a different perspectives.

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Why China Press Release?

In China, internet penetration is high, so online news portals are a common source of information. The distribution of a press release in mainstream news media can improve the brand’s image and boost confidence among the targeted audience. .


Fair Pricing/
No Hidden fee


Real News / Media Portals


Content, Translation Included


Assured Fastest Turnaround


ChinesePress Release Packages & Pricing


Why I should trust PRWireNow for China press release?

Yes, PRWireNow distinguishes itself from common press release distribution service providers and agencies as it has its own direct channels into Chinese media publications. makes sure that press release articles get submitted directly to all premium China-focused media portals on the Internet, where interested readers can easily find them.

With this 300 media package, how many links are guaranteed?

With this current package, you will have access to big media publications. You can pick specific media, but we cannot guarantee publication on specific media beforehand; we guarantee publication in some big media within the range of QQ, Sohu, 163, Sina, iFeng,, Xinhuanet and many more reputed media publications.

Do you have good writers who understand the project?

Our content team is well aware of several industries and wrote more than 5000 press release articles. Check this old release. One thing we can assure, we don’t compromise on quality.

But I have my own PR content, Can I submit it?

Yes, that’s fine if you have your own content, still, we have to make sure the content is according to media guidelines, translate & polish it, and finally check the grammar, and press release format.

Can Press Releases have hyperlinks and images?

Yes, you can place 2 images but no hyperlinks as Chinese media don’t allow any contextual backlinking to the sites.

Are there any SEO benefits to press releases?

if the content is of high quality, organic and well written, story directs the readers back to your website where people stay and has high-quality writing, Google will reward you.